“I saw Dr. Phil Kotzan for my shoulder problems. He was methodical in the examination to find out where the problem was located. Once he knew the problem and the location, he would explain to me what he would do prior to doing it, which I felt made me feel more comfortable with him. Once the treatment was finished, I left his office feeling refreshed and able to do the activities that I love like tennis and surfing.”
Catherine Gutierrez

“As a graduate student and full-time employee, a majority of my day involves sitting at my desk, causing me to experience aches in my neck and back, shifting my focus away from my primary duties and towards my pain. By the third visit, Dr. Kotzan’s chiropractic treatment enabled me to shift that focus back to my work, pain-free, allowing me to be even more productive in what I do.”
Andrew Somera
IT Project Manager

“I had bad leg pains that Dr. Phil found emanated from my lower back. He was the most thorough doctor I ever had (even as an intern), and was much more effective than any long-practicing professional I have had. I believe that it is because of him, I only need occasional adjustments today. He actually got me to do the right kind of stretching exercises and helped me learn how to do more for myself.”
Stanley Thompson
Senior Tech Writer

“Dr. Kotzan is a tremendous chiropractor who is extremely professional and has a dynamic interpersonal savvy. With help from my treatments, my carpel tunnel problems have become minimal—which is so important because I need my hands, my job depends on them.”
Josh Zeidman
Starbucks Store Manager

“Working as an ergonomic consultant, I know the skills needed to work with corporations in establishing occupational preventative health programs. Dr. Phil Kotzan impresses me as someone who understands the challenges and has definite goals and plans to bring a great wealth of help to many working people.

Few doctors show the amount of appreciation and dedication to chiropractic as Dr. Phil Kotzan. He truly has a passion for listening, understanding, and relating to the patient’s problems. He diligently creates and implements an impressive set of goals to help the patient achieve better health.”

Dr. Kim Davis, DC
Associate Professor at Palmer College, West Campus
Ergonomic Specialist

“Plenty of Interns have come through the Palmer clinic, but Dr. Phil Kotzan’s ability to diagnose and efficiently treat a patient’s condition sets him apart. Dr. Phil Kotzan’s energetic attitude is something everyone will appreciate. I highly recommend Dr. Kotzan.”

Ronald Henninger, D.C., D.A.B.C.O.
Clinical Professor, Associate Dean of Assessment
Palmer College of Chiropractic, West Campus