Dr. Kotzan uses very smooth and precise motions to bring movement to the body’s joints to prevent pain, increase their range of motion, and keep them healthy. Keeping joints healthy can address many different conditions.

Soft Tissue Management
Active Release Technique (ART) / Graston Technique (Graston)
Many symptoms are due to muscles becoming overused (from sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries and muscle spasms). This leads to the muscle (and surrounding tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia) building scar tissue that limits its function. Dr. Kotzan uses the hands-on massage technique Active Release Technique and the instrument-assisted technique Graston Technique as non-invasive ways of restructuring and loosening the involved soft-tissues to decrease pain and restore function.

Rock Tape (Rock Tape) / Advanced Class 4 Laser (K-Laser)
In order to expedite the healing process of the various soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, fascia), Dr. Kotzan uses two techniques, as needed, to compliment the treatment. The first of these is a top-of-the-line Advanced Class 4 laser that emits a light energy that is absorbed into the body. The second technique is the use of kinesio-tape called Rock Tape. Both of these decrease edema/inflammation, reduce pain, and repair injured tissues.


Many different services are offered by Dr. Kotzan to first restore the body back to normal function and then to increase the body’s level of fitness. Stretching, balance, muscle resistance, nutrition and exercise are all utilized to accomplish these goals.