5 Step Hamstring Rehab Progression With Eccentric Exercises

Here are a few variations of eccentric hamstring exercises that do not require a partner from Dr. Nicole Canning, DPT, CSCS (written for Modern Manual Therapy, The Eclectic Approach):

1) Hamstring Walkouts:
🔸 This is a very basic exercise in which you maintain a bridge position while slowly walking your feet out a little bit at a time until your legs are straight. This causes to hamstrings to work throughout their range of motion.
🔸 Step your feet right back up to the starting position to take away the concentric component.
2) Sliders:
🔸 Here, you are going to have a slider under one heel. Perform a bridge, lift one leg up, then slowly straighten the working leg. Drop your hips down to the floor and start at the beginning.
🔸 You may feel a little hamstring cramping when you first start performing this exercise. That is totally normal!
3) Sliders on Floor:
🔸 In this variation, all you need is a tile or wood floor and a sock!
🔸 Lift your hips into a bridge position, lift one leg up into the air, and slowly extend the working leg. Let your hips drop to the floor and return to starting position.
4) Physio Ball:
🔸 Same idea as the sliders, bridge up, lift one leg into the air, and slowly extend the working leg. Put your other leg back on the ball to bring it back to the starting position. (2 legs in 1 leg out).
🔸 For more of a challenge, curl the ball back in with only the working leg. This will work both the concentric and eccentric phases.
5) TRX:
🔸 In this variation, both heels are in the loop of the TRX. Bridge your hips up, then slowly extend your legs out to a straight position. Drop your hips down before bringing your knees back up.
🔸To make this more challenging, stay in a bridged position during both the concentric and eccentric portions.



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