5 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Self-Treatment

“It’s not always just about WHAT you are using to roll out, it’s also about HOW you are performing self myofascial release that is important,” says physical therapist Mike Reinold. “If you combine some of our basic understanding of functional anatomy with our understanding of movement, we can really enhance how you perform self myofascial release to get even better results.”  He suggests to follow these 5 techniques:


Reduce The Surface Area for certain areas of the body

Roll In 360 Degrees to loosen tissue in multiple directions

Hold A Spot to decrease tenderness

Add Active Motion to run the tissue through its range of motion

Move Another Muscle to release it from the one you’re stretching

Credit: Mike Reinold, PT

I hope these help you’re self-treatments.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Good luck!

Dr. Phil Kotzan, DC