Isometrics for Better Shoulders and Pull Ups

Time to use your body-weight to build shoulder support.  This article is about training the shoulders during pull-ups.

Why Isometrics?
They’re under-trained (or maybe untrained?).
They don’t require the joint to move (which you might want sometimes). They train stiffness. They build body awareness. They teach full body control.
When you do reps, you are training the joint to move. But what about training it NOT to move?
This whole training thing we know..the stuff at the gym…it’s supposed to make us better, not just a place where we can ‘do reps’.
Training should reflect the pursuit of becoming better. One of the ways we get better is by training the things we don’t always train.
What I mean is if you always do kipping pull ups or strict pull ups, you have an opportunity for growth by training the same body area, but in a different way.
You can train high rep; you can train explosively for neural drive; you can train for coordination; and after this series of videos, hopefully you have some good options for training isometrics (aka resisting the joint’s desire to change position).

Watch the video showing how to use your body weight during pull-ups to develop strength and support for the shoulder:



Written and published by Dr. Ryan DeBell, DC of The Movement Fix


Looking to bring awareness to isometrics for shoulder development,

Dr. Phil Kotzan, DC