5 Ways To Improve Your Deep Squat

Do you want to improve your deep squat? ┬áHere are 5 ways to do so…

1) Thoracic Mobility

  • thoracic spine is often limited in extension/rotation
  • screen with seated thoracic rotation to look for asymmetry

2) Dorsiflexion Mobility

  • check to see if your ankle dorsiflexion is limited
  • but also look at tibial internal rotation, and lateral tibial glide – when limited often cases the typical fault of genu valgus

3) Hip flexion Mobility

  • this is often painful or tight at end range passive/active flexion if tight
  • I assess ability to hip hinge, plus active single leg raise (ASLR) and passive single leg raise (PSLR)

4) Hip Flexor Tone

  • having too much tone in the hip flexors often causes excessive anterior pelvic tilt or a feeling of anterior impingement
  • this also causes a movement fault of hips moving posterior too early as they start flexed, so the only way to go is posterior and not inferior

5) Knee Mobility

  • check for passive knee extension decreased range of motion
  • if limited, other than working on tibial rotation, hip mobility, try increasing knee extension range of motion

Written and originally published by Erson Religioso of The Manual Therapist Blog Encouraging a healthier deep squat, Dr. Phil Kotzan, DC